2000 Ford Crown Victoria


This car was the beginning of the therapy from Tony's now defunct '96 Z28. It started as a bone stock 2000 Crown Vic with steel wheels and no frills. Over time Tony acquired the BBS wheels and a Ford factory CD player.

He also made a lot of modifications. The most obvious (at least to me) is the black panel and chrome trim delete on the rear, the black grille in front, and the antenna installed in the trunk.

I think one of the best stories to come out of this car was when Tony was having something installed. He had dropped by to have the antenna installed. At this point he already had the black rear panel and black grille, he was also still running with the Ford factory full wheel covers. To the untrained eye it looked very much like an unmarked police car.

Well as Tony was bringing the car into one of the install bay, one of the installers was there with his back to the car. The installer glanced over his shoulder, then muttered "what's with the wannabe cruiser." We were all amazed that he knew, but we couldn't figure out why. Days later Steve explained that he had seen the keyless entry doorpad on the driver's door. Up until that point none of us had even given the doorpad any thought.

Eventually Tony got bored with this plain jane mobile and traded up......

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