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School hasn't opened yet.

None of us at RobRacing really know how Anthony met Nick. From what I have been able to piece together they met when Anthony was working for US Airways in the mid-90's as a ticket agent and baggage handler. Nick was working along side Anthony at the counter.

A little about Nick. He is from south eastern Connecticut. From what Anthony tells me, Nick wasn't really much of a car person when they met. He was regularly borrowing his then girlfriend's Lincoln Continental while he was shopping for his car. He eventually bought a '95 Jeep Wrangler, red in color from what I was told. As both Anthony and Nick are very competitive, they began to race, goof around, and basically attempt to outdrive one another. As Anthony saw flaws or "areas of improvement" in Nick's driving skills, he began to school him. Soon Nick took to calling these pointers as coming from the "Tony School of Driving."

I don't remember where I first heard about the school, but as with any educational institution there is a grading system. Anthony chose to go with a rating system for whomever he deemed a student of the school. Most of the time the student's don't even know they are in school. And of course Anthony rates at the top. The ratings are as follows:

1. Anthony

2. Nick - Being the first student, the creator of the moniker, and possibly just that damn good of a driver, Tony as made Nick the number two in the school.

3. Erik - I wasn't always in this position. For a short time I was even relegated to a status somewhere below Pete, thanks to an unfortunate event involving a Subaru Legacy and a snowy highway entrance ramp. But apparently during my ownership of the '90 Crown Vic, I gained status in the school.

4. Rob - I don't know how Rob ended up at 4, except all I can say was that maybe Tony just wanted Rob ahead of Brian.

5. Brian (Currently on probation per Anthony 9/25/05) - Brian is at this level because of an incident on the Route 3 off-ramp. Further details will be offered on the site elsewhere, well, eventually.

6. Scott - As he hasn't "done anything" that show's Tony his driving skill, Scott sits at number 6 above Pete. Believe me, it's pretty hard to get a rating below Pete.

7. Pete - Pete has held the lowest rating as long as we've had a Tony School of Driving. Only once, to my knowledge, has anyone made it below Pete for even the briefest of times. One of the main reason's that Tony can provide as to this rating concerns Pete's steering skills. From what Tony tells me, Pete had a problem with letting the car find center after completing a turn. When most people are making a turn, as they complete the turn they loosen their grip on the steering wheel. As the car centers itself the wheel slips under their loose grip back to center. Pete didn't practice this widely used and accepted technique. He  would forcibly turn the wheel back to center, which annoyed Tony to no end. So since that day Pete has been at this prestigious position on the Tony School of Driving ratings.

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