If there is an originator for the RobRacing concept, it's Tony. It started the day he and Rob were having one of their now legendary arguments, and not being able to find an appropriate insult (ie jerk, idiot) he just yelled "ROB!". From then on the last word was "ROB!" He broadened the concept the day we were talking about something we found on the internet, I was at a loss for the website address, and he helped me out with "" Unfortunately "" was already taken, so we went with "" Ten years later I'm finally getting the site built.



Brian is our technical guru, and provided the original RobRacing headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire. He also hosts the website, makes fun of Rob, and generally causes mayhem with the rest of us. He also originated the idea that it's all Rob's fault. We can trace our entire lineage of friends and acquaintances through Rob. Imagine that, if Rob wasn't friends with any of us, none of us would know each other and RobRacing wouldn't exist.



I'm the glue, the gel that holds this whole thing together. I handle the branding, and get the logo out there, whether it's on a car, a hat, or anywhere else. I'm also the moron that took on building the site, and written all the content so far (I'm sure that'll change when this goes live and the guys read it and want to make changes). Lastly, I'm the one that fixes stuff. Just ask anyone, I replaced the starter in Tony's '89 Crown Vic six times in three weeks. I managed to get so good at it that I could replace it in sub zero temperatures in about 10 minutes with no lights. Maybe I'm just gullible...



Technically Scott wasn't around yet when we invented RobRacing. Normally he would have been put in the "Members" section, but that all changed the day he joined fleet. Not only did he join fleet, he got the FI. That car saw almost as much mileage and action as mine did in the same amount of time. He and I also have the most joint fleet miles. Scott also helped revitalize interest in the website when I was ready to give up on the concept of designing it. Yeah, he's definitely a Founder!

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