This is Rob.

I've known Rob upwards of twenty years, going all the way back to when my sister and his sister were in the Hudson Catholic Jades marching band together. Although we knew each other, we didn't become friends until high school. Rob is how I first really got to know Anthony, so he and I becoming friends was the first thing that was "Rob's fault."

Somewhere along the way, post high school I believe, was when Rob became more then "just a man." I think John Hoynes said it best, "No matter what your regard for me personally, remember that you are addressing the office of the Vice President." (Thanks West Wing) Once Rob became this, it snowballed. Basically a joke that got way out of hand, Rob became a joke, a group with members, and we even have a logo (I'm still working on the letterhead).

We added the racing for two reasons: (1) the web address was taken; and (2) Rob isn't into cars. He doesn't like cruising, modding, talking about, looking at, or probably even owning one. I think this is best evidenced in that Rob's "fleet" only contains two cars. His first was a '95 Jeep "Jim", his second (and current) car is a '03? Mazda Tribute, we are toying with the name "Tribble."

The logo came from the look on his face whenever we did one of those car things, or really anything in general, that he didn't like or found embarrassing. Of course when he makes the face we know we're doing something right. See the resemblance?

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