1999 Ford Crown Victoria


The first mistake of making a little more money is thinking you have lots more to spend.

Enter this 1999 Crown Victoria.

I had been given a raise during my last review where I worked at the time. Over the following months I began to see my bank balance steadily increase and my desire to drive something nicer then a 1990 Crown Vic increase at the same rate. I evaluated my needs and decided another Crown Victoria would be a good idea, but something made in this decade would be nice. I started looking for a 98 and up Crown Vic HPP. An HPP has nicer wheels, dual exhaust, leather, and lots of options. I had been shopping for a couple of months and had no luck finding one.

One night I came across this 1999 Crown Victoria that was an ex state police car from Connecticut. So, at 10pm, Scott and I contacted the seller and then drove out to look at it. After looking it over for an hour and dickering with the seller, we came to an agreement for the car.

Two days later I picked it up and brought it back to my house, with a rear brake problem.  As it was new to me, and wouldn't pass inspection as it was, I contacted the seller to help repair them. After about a week (where my brand new car sat in a driveway) we came to an agreement, he got the cash together for the parts, and I did the work.

Purchasing the parts wasn't a problem, but after the brake work was done I had another problem. I had purchased rotors, pads, and calipers. It turned out I didn't need the calipers and attempted to return them. Well that created another fiasco with the store where they wouldn't take them back (another week of my life gone).

I go to the DMV and get my plates and get it registered. I drive the car down to the inspection station, and on the way I get pulled over! After 20 minutes of harassment from a Bedford cop for window tint and antennas (it had 7 in total), I had to go home and spend over two hours peeling off the tint, cleaning the glass, removing antennas and plugging holes.

Shortly thereafter it needed a starter, some exhaust work, and tires. There was another couple of days gone and $900 from my pocket. So I got rid of the damn thing and Scott kindly sold me his 1995 Crown Victoria.

So much for watching my bank account go up.

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