1997 Ford Crown Victoria

It's a kind of odd story, but Tony's '94 Crown Vic that got wrecked basically morphed into this '97. From what I can piece together, a friend of Tony's borrowed the '94. The borrower then lent the car to another friend and that friend hit the back of a truck. The front was basically completely destroyed, but the engine was still good.

This is where it got interesting. There was a black '97 Crown Vic, and real cheap. The catch was that it had a blown engine, the short block was no good. So I don't know how this came to pass, but the deal was struck that the "friend" of the borrower would buy the black car and pay to have the engine swapped.

Now if it was ME considering this, I would buy the cheap shell of the black car, replace the necessary body parts on the wrecked '94 and then spend the rest of the money getting it repainted.

For some reason this deal worked out the other way. They basically took the engine, wheels (and anything else Tony wanted) out of the '94. They took the heads, intake, and other electronic components off the '97 engine and installed them on the '94 (I'm sure Tony will correct me if I'm wrong). They then spent lots of time getting this hodgepodge of parts to run in the newer OBD II body. Amazingly enough it is still running today.

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