1995 Jeep Wrangler

The pictures here are of two different '95 Jeeps that Scott owned.

The top one is actually my fault. I saw this Jeep for sale in Marlboro, Massachusetts on my way home from work one evening. When I got home I told Scott about it and we immediately went and and took a look at it. Within an hour of seeing it we had an appointment the next day for a test drive.

Within an hour of that test drive Scott had secured the sale of the Jeep for about $3200. And within 20 minutes of that he had flipped it for $4800 to a friend in Maine. I had never seen anything like it before, but I didn't mind since I got a generous finders fee.

The lower picture is the Jeep Scott had since I had met him. I don't know too much about this one. What I do know is that he bought it from a guy on a farm and had basically completely restored it. For a 1995 Jeep with well over 100K on it, it was in nearly brand new condition. It had a lot of cool aftermarket stuff on it too. One of my favorites was the radio tray he had installed above the windshield between the roll bars. I pretty sure that if you could find it in the Quadtratec catalog, it was on this Jeep.

One of the most impressive mods though, was on the engine. Scott had installed some form of spacer on the intake between that and the throttlebody. The claims of these kinds of parts is that they boost horsepower and throttle response. Usually they don't work and can often have negative effects on vehicle performance. That wasn't the case with this thing. It greatly improved the throttle response as well as overall power. It even helped with gas mileage too!

Needless to say these were fun vehicles, it was as sad day when Scott decided to sell them both.

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