1995 Ford Crown Victoria


I bought this car from Scott shortly before I moved to Washington, DC in February of 2004. At the time I was preparing to unload the abomination that was my 1999 Crown Vic, and I needed to have something to move myself to DC. Fortunately at the time Scott had like 3 cars, this among them, and sold it to me at a really good price.

As the pictures show, it isn't exactly factory. Within a couple of weeks of buying it, I put on the 16 inch wheels with center caps and trim rings. Secondly I had the cat-back dual Flowmaster exhaust installed. While the exhaust system looks good and sound even better, I admit it made the car slower. The guy that did the work used 2 1/2 inch pipe which basically wiped out the back pressure, now the car has no low end.


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