1993 Chevrolet Caprice

The FI is probably the last "real" addition to the fleet, as well as Scott's first fleet vehicle. It came to him as a fully marked fire chief's car. It was red with a white roof, with "911" on the rear quarters, "Fire Rescue" on the trunk, and fire department door seals.

Unfortunately Scott had to get it inspected by the state of Massachusetts and they would not pass it with all the markings in place. At about that time he found a paint shop near his parent's house in Pennsylvania that was running a special, so he and I fleeted down to PA to drop it off for the paintwork.

As you can see from the pics, when we got it back it was a pretty mean looking vehicle. Scott added the pushbars and clear corner lights, and I gave him the Chevy hubcaps to complete the look. Scott even went so far as to rig the car with a PA, siren, wigwags and flashbacks. On many road trips after it was painted he was mistaken for a police car. There are nearly as many stories around this car as there are with Harwich, and a lot of those stories came to pass at the same time as we fleeted a lot together.

By far one of the best though was the last day Scott had the FI. He had decided to sell it and found a buyer near Fall River, Massachusetts. He and I fleeted down to Fall River to deliver the car and decided to have some fun on it's last day. We were rolling down I-95 South in the left lane passing some traffic. Somehow I managed to be in front, although I don't know how as I had no clue where I was going. I'm cruising along at about 80 mph in Harwich and glance in my rearview mirror to see if Scott is keeping pace with me.

What I found was a big black Caprice rapidly getting bigger in my rearview mirror. I could make out Scott with a huge grin on his face as the car rushed closer. Expecting the unexpected, I smiled and braced myself, and sure enough the next thing I felt and heard was a large BANG as Scott slammed into the back of my car. Harwich lurched forward and even got a little squirrelly. I began to laugh hysterically at what Scott had just done. The woman in her car to my right was in shock at what she'd just seen with mouth agape.

Scott and I quickly decided to pull over at the next available rest area to inspect any possible damage, and more importantly let some of the "familiar" traffic pass. There wasn't any damage to my Crown Vic, but Scott's pushbars were pushed back nearly into the grille. Scott scratched his head, then with one foot braced on the bumper, grabbed the pushbars and bulled them back straight.

We then completed delivery of, and said goodbye to the FI. A sad day in fleet as another member of the original fleet moved on.

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