1990 Ford Crown Victoria


This is Britny, Brian's boxbody from the town of Walpole, Massachusetts. It was the last (by maybe a week) to join the original fleet. As near as we can tell, it was originally white fully marked line car that was later retired from active duty, repainted, and used as an administrator's car.

It had the "police package" 351W HO V8, and 2:73 ratio "police highway gears." It also had steel reinforced doors, "police" heavy duty suspension, police seats, trunk, and  steel reinforced windshield.

Unfortunately we quickly discovered it had major electrical problems. I think it was on fire at least 4 times. Eventually it found its way to the back woods of New Hampshire where some guy on a farm was trying to sell it for $1500. Yeah, good luck with that farmer Joe.

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