Volkswagen Cabriolet



Dubs is actually two cars. The upper picture is an '89 VW Cabriolet, and the lower is a '92 VW Cabriolet. Scott originally bought the '89 as a project, it ran but needed just enough help to make it fun for him. I don't know when or why he got the '92, but somehow he ended up with two.

When he initially got the '89, Scott spent a lot of time restoring the interior. He completely stripped out the interior, then restored the floor pans and coated them with POR-15. I'm not entirely sure what else he did with the car, or what he did with the '92.

The best story has to be involving the day he sold the cars. Unfortunately I was already living in Washington D.C. when he did that. Hopefully he'll feel compelled to share.

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